grizli.utils.detect_with_photutils(sci, err=None, dq=None, seg=None, detect_thresh=2.0, npixels=8, grow_seg=5, gauss_fwhm=2.0, gsize=3, wcs=None, save_detection=False, root='mycat', background=None, gain=None, AB_zeropoint=0.0, rename_columns={'dec_icrs_centroid': 'dec', 'ra_icrs_centroid': 'ra', 'xcentroid': 'x_flt', 'ycentroid': 'y_flt'}, overwrite=True, verbose=True)[source]

Use photutils to detect objects and make segmentation map


Deprecated in favor of sep catalogs in prep.

sci : ndarray


err, dq, seg : TBD
detect_thresh : float

Detection threshold, in \(\sigma\)

grow_seg : int

Number of pixels to grow around the perimeter of detected objects witha maximum filter

gauss_fwhm : float

FWHM of Gaussian convolution kernel that smoothes the detection image.

verbose : bool

Print logging information to the terminal

save_detection : bool

Save the detection images and catalogs

wcs : WCS

WCS object passed to photutils.source_properties used to compute sky coordinates of detected objects.

catalog : Table

Object catalog with the default parameters.