Image Pre-preparation

Astrometric Alignment

Grism Background Subtraction


grizli.prep Module

Align direct images & make mosaics


add_external_sources([root, maglim, fwhm, …]) Add Gaussian sources in empty parts of an image derived from an external catalog
align_drizzled_image([root, mag_limits, …]) Pipeline for astrometric alignment of drizzled image products
apply_persistence_mask(flt_file[, path, …]) Make a mask for pixels flagged as being affected by persistence
apply_region_mask(flt_file[, dq_value, verbose]) Apply DQ mask from a DS9 region file
apply_saturated_mask(flt_file[, dq_value, …]) Saturated WFC3/IR pixels have some pulldown in the opposite amplifier
apply_tweak_shifts(wcs_ref, shift_dict[, …]) Apply derived shifts to exposure WCS
asn_to_dict(input_asn) Convert an ASN file to a dictionary
blot_background([visit, bkg_params, …]) Blot SEP background of drizzled image back to component FLT images
check_status() Make sure all files and modules are in place and print some information if they’re not
clean_amplifier_residuals(files[, …]) Fit and remove a 2D polynomial fit to the detector-frame UVIS/WFC images
clean_drizzle(root[, context, fix_wcs_system]) Zero-out WHT=0 pixels in drizzle mosaics
clip_lists(input, output[, clip]) Clip [x,y] arrays of objects that don’t have a match within clip pixels in either direction
compute_SEP_auto_params(data, data_bkg, mask) Compute SourceExtractor-like AUTO params with sep
drizzle_footprint(weight_image[, shrink, …]) Footprint of image pixels where values > 0.
drizzle_overlaps(exposure_groups[, …]) Combine overlapping visits into single output mosaics
extract_fits_log([file, get_dq]) not used
find_direct_grism_pairs([direct, grism, …]) Compute pairs of direct and grism exposures
find_single_image_CRs(visit[, simple_mask, …]) Use LACosmic to find CRs in parts of an ACS mosaic where only one exposure was available
fix_star_centers([root, mag_lim, verbose, …]) Unset the CR bit (4096) in the centers of bright objects
fresh_flt_file(file[, preserve_dq, path, …]) Copy “fresh” unmodified version of a data file from some central location
get_SEP_flag_dict() Get dictionary of SEP integer flags
get_filter_ee_ratio(tab, filter[, ref_filter]) Relative EE correction within a specified aperture, in arcsec.
get_hst_aperture_correction(filter[, raper, …]) Get single aperture correction from tabulated EE curve
get_kron_tot_corr(tab, filter[, inst, …]) Compute total correction from tabulated EE curves
get_seg_iso_flux(data, seg, tab[, err, …]) Integrate flux within the segmentation regions.
get_wfc3ir_kron_tot_corr(tab, filter[, …]) Compute total correction from WFC3/IR EE curves
log_wcs(root, drz_wcs, shift, rot, scale[, …]) Save WCS offset information to an ascii file
make_SEP_FLT_catalog(flt_file[, ext, …]) Make a catalog from a FLT file
make_SEP_catalog([root, sci, wht, …]) Make a catalog from drizzle products using the SEP implementation of SourceExtractor
make_SEP_catalog_from_arrays(sci, err, mask) Make a catalog from arrays using sep
make_drz_catalog([root, sexpath, threshold, …]) Make a SExtractor catalog from drizzle products
manual_alignment(visit, ds9[, reference, …]) Manual alignment of a visit with respect to an external region file
match_direct_grism_wcs([direct, grism, …]) Match WCS of grism exposures to corresponding direct images
match_lists(input, output[, transform, scl, …]) Compute matched objects and transformation between two (x,y) lists.
process_direct_grism_visit([direct, grism, …]) Full processing of a direct (+grism) image visit.
set_grism_dfilter(direct, grism) Set direct imaging filter for grism exposures
tweak_align([direct_group, grism_group, …]) Intra-visit shift alignment
tweak_flt([files, max_dist, threshold, …]) Refine shifts of FLT files
update_wcs_fits_log(file, wcs_ref[, …]) Make FITS log when updating WCS
visit_grism_sky([grism, apply, …]) Subtract sky background from grism exposures