grizli.utils.make_maximal_wcs(files, pixel_scale=0.1, get_hdu=True, pad=90, verbose=True, theta=0, poly_buffer=0.0002777777777777778, nsci_extensions=4)[source]

Compute an ImageHDU with a footprint that contains all of files

files : list

List of HST FITS files (e.g., FLT.) or WCS objects.

pixel_scale : float

Pixel scale of output WCS, in arcsec.

get_hdu : bool

See below.

pad : float

Padding to add to the total image size, in arcsec.

theta : float

Position angle, degrees

nsci_extensions : int

Number of ‘SCI’ extensions to try in the exposure files.

hdu : ImageHDU

If get_hdu is True.

header, wcs : Header, WCS

If get_hdu is False.