grizli.utils.compute_equivalent_widths(templates, coeffs, covar, max_R=5000, Ndraw=1000, seed=0, z=0, observed_frame=False)[source]

Compute template-fit emission line equivalent widths

templates : dictionary of SpectrumTemplate objects

Output template list with NTEMP templates.

coeffs : ndarray, dimensions (NTEMP)

Fit coefficients

covar : ndarray, dimensions (NTEMP, NTEMP)

Covariance matrix

max_R : float

Maximum spectral resolution of the regridded templates.

Ndraw : int

Number of random draws to extract from the covariance matrix

seed : positive int

Random number seed to produce repeatible results. If None, then use default state.

z : float

Redshift where the fit is evaluated

observed_framme : bool

If true, then computed EWs are observed frame, otherwise they are rest frame at redshift z.

EWdict : dict

Dictionary of [16, 50, 84th] percentiles of the line EW distributions.