grizli.utils.array_templates(templates, wave=None, max_R=5000, z=0, apply_igm=False)[source]

Return an array version of the templates that have all been interpolated to the same grid.

templates : dictionary of SpectrumTemplate objects

Output template list with NTEMP templates.

max_R : float

Maximum spectral resolution of the regridded templates.

z : float

Redshift where to evaluate the templates. But note that this is only used to shift templates produced by bspline_templates, which are defined in the observed frame.

wave : ndarray, dimensions (NL,)

Array containing unique wavelengths.

flux_arr : ndarray, dimensions (NTEMP, NL)

Array containing the template fluxes interpolated at wave.

is_line : ndarray

Boolean array indicating emission line templates (the key in the template dictionary starts with “line “).