grizli.pipeline.auto_script.make_reference_wcs(info, files=None, output='mosaic_wcs-ref.fits', filters=['G800L', 'G102', 'G141'], pad_reference=90, pixel_scale=None, get_hdu=True)[source]

Make a reference image WCS based on the grism exposures

info : Table

Exposure information table with columns ‘FILE’ and ‘FILTER’.

output : str, None

Filename for output wcs reference image.

filters : list or None

List of filters to consider for the output mosaic. If None, then use all exposures in the info list.

pad_reference : float

Image padding, in arcsec.

pixel_scale : None or float

Pixel scale in in arcsec. If None, then the script computes automatically

get_hdu : bool

If True, then generate an ImageHDU object and save to a file if output is defined. If False, return just the computed WCS.

ImageHDU or WCS, see get_hdu.