grizli.fitting.show_drizzled_lines(line_hdu, full_line_list=['OII', 'Hb', 'OIII', 'Ha+NII', 'Ha', 'SII', 'SIII'], size_arcsec=2, cmap='cubehelix_r', scale=1.0, dscale=1, direct_filter=['F140W', 'F160W', 'F125W', 'F105W', 'F110W', 'F098M'])[source]

Make a figure with the drizzled line maps

line_hdu : HDUList

Result from drizzle_fit_lines

full_line_list : list

Line species too always show

size_arcsec : float

Thumbnail size in arcsec

cmap : str

colormap string

scale : float

Scale factor for line panels

dscale : float

Scale factor for direct image panel

direct_filter : list

Filter preference to show in the direct image panel. Step through and stop if the indicated filter is available.

fig : Figure

Figure object