grizli.fitting.refit_beams(root='j012017+213343', append='x', id=708, keep_dict={'G141': [201, 291]}, poly_order=3, make_products=True, run_fit=True, **kwargs)[source]

Regenerate a MultiBeam object selecting only certiain PAs

root : str

Root of the “beams.fits” file to load.

append : str

String to append to the rootname of the updated products.

id : int

Object ID. The input filename is built like

>>> beams_file = f'{root}_{id:05d}.beams.fits'
keep_dict : bool

Dictionary of the PAs/grisms to keep. (See the grizli.multifit.MultiBeam.PA attribute.)

poly_order : int

Order of the polynomial to fit.

make_products : bool

Make stacked spectra and diagnostic figures.

run_fit : bool

Run the redshift fit on the new products

kwargs : dict

Optional keywords passed to run_all_parallel.

mb : MultiBeam

New beam object.