grizli.fitting.full_sed_plot(mb, tfit, zfit=None, bin=1, minor=0.1, save='png', sed_resolution=180, photometry_pz=None, zspec=None, spectrum_steps=False, xlim=[0.3, 9], **kwargs)[source]

Make a separate plot showing photometry and the spectrum

mb : MultiBeam

Object containing the beams spectra.

tfit : dict

Dictionary of fit results (templates, coefficients, etc) from template_at_z

zfit : Table

Redshift fit information used to draw p(z) panel (this is fit as output by run_all)

bin : float

Binning factor relative to nominal spectral sampling of each grism

minor : float

Ticks on wavelength axis (microns)

save : str

Extension of figure file to save

sed_resolution : float

Smooth the 1D template before plotting with resolution R = lam/dlam

photometry_pz : (float, float)

p(z) for the photometry fit alone, as output by, e.g., eazy.

zspec : float

(external) spectroscopic redshift that will be indicated on the plot

spectrum_steps : bool

Plot grism spectra as steps rather than scatter points

xlim : (float, float)

Wavelength limits (microns)

fig : matplotlib.figure.Figure

The figure object