grizli.pipeline.auto_script.mask_IR_psf_spikes(visit={}, mag_lim=17, cat=None, cols=['mag_auto', 'ra', 'dec'], minR=8, dy=5, selection=None, length_scale=1, dq_bit=2048)[source]

Mask 45-degree diffraction spikes around bright stars

minR: float

Mask spike pixels > minR from the star centers


Mask spike pixels +/- dy pixels from the computed center of a spike.

selectionbool array

If None, then compute mag < mag_auto from cat. Otherwise if supplied, use as the selection mask.


Scale length of the spike mask by this factor. The default spike mask length in pixels is

>>> # m = star AB magnitude
>>> mask_len = 4*np.sqrt(10**(-0.4*(np.minimum(m,17)-17)))/0.06