grizli.multifit.drizzle_to_wavelength(beams, wcs=None, ra=0.0, dec=0.0, wave=10000.0, size=5, pixscale=0.1, pixfrac=0.6, kernel='square', direct_extension='REF', fcontam=0.2, ds9=None)[source]

Drizzle a cutout at a specific wavelength from a list of BeamCutout objects

beams : list of BeamCutout objects.
wcs : WCS or None

Pre-determined WCS. If not specified, generate one based on ra, dec, pixscale and pixscale.

ra, dec, wave : float

Sky coordinates and central wavelength

size : float

Size of the output thumbnail, in arcsec

pixscale : float

Pixel scale of the output thumbnail, in arcsec

pixfrac : float

Drizzle PIXFRAC (for kernel = ‘point’)

kernel : str, (‘square’ or ‘point’)

Drizzle kernel to use

direct_extension : str, (‘SCI’ or ‘REF’)

Extension of self.direct.data do drizzle for the thumbnail

fcontam: float

Factor by which to scale the contamination arrays and add to the pixel variances.

ds9 : DS9, optional

Display each step of the drizzling to an open DS9 window

hdu : HDUList

FITS HDUList with the drizzled thumbnail, line and continuum cutouts.