grizli.fake_image.wfc3ir_header(ra=53.1592277508136, dec=-27.782056346146, pa_aper=128.589, flt='ibhj34h6q_flt.fits', filter='G141')[source]

Make HST/WFC3-IR image header

ra, dec : float, float

Coordinates of the center of the image

pa_aper : float

Position angle of the y-axis of the detector

flt : str

Filename of a WFC3/IR FLT file that will be used to provide the SIP geometric distortion keywords.

filter : str

Grism/filter to use.

h :

FITS header with appropriate keywords

wcs : astropy.wcs.WCS

WCS specification (computed from keywords in h).


WFC3 IR, requires reference FLT file for the SIP header