grizli.catalog.get_radec_catalog(ra=0.0, dec=0.0, radius=3.0, product='cat', verbose=True, reference_catalogs=['GAIA', 'LS_DR9', 'PS1', 'Hubble', 'NSC', 'SDSS', 'WISE', 'DES'], use_self_catalog=False, **kwargs)[source]

Decide what reference astrometric catalog to use

First search SDSS, then WISE looking for nearby matches.

ra, dec : float

Center of the query region, decimal degrees

radius : float

Radius of the query, in arcmin

product : str

Basename of the drizzled product. If a locally-created catalog with filename that startswith product is found, use that one instead of the external (low precision) catalogs so that you’re matching HST-to-HST astrometry.

reference_catalogs : list

Order in which to query reference catalogs. Options are ‘GAIA’, ‘PS1’ (STScI PanSTARRS), ‘SDSS’, ‘WISE’, ‘NSC’ (NOAO Source Catalog), ‘DES’ (Dark Energy Survey DR1), ‘Hubble’ (Hubble Source Catalog v3), ‘LS_DR9’ (LegacySurveys DR9).

radec : str

Filename of the RA/Dec list derived from the parent catalog

ref_catalog : str, {‘SDSS’, ‘WISE’, ‘VISIT’}

Provenance of the radec list.