grizli.utils.blot_nearest_exact(in_data, in_wcs, out_wcs, verbose=True, stepsize=-1, scale_by_pixel_area=False, wcs_mask=True, fill_value=0)[source]

Own blot function for blotting exact pixels without rescaling for input and output pixel size


in_data : ndarray

Input data to blot.

in_wcs : WCS

Input WCS. Must have _naxis1, _naxis2 or pixel_shape attributes.

out_wcs : WCS

Output WCS. Must have _naxis1, _naxis2 or pixel_shape attributes.

scale_by_pixel_area : bool

If True, then scale the output image by the square of the image pixel scales (out**2/in**2), i.e., the pixel areas.

wcs_mask : bool

Use fast WCS masking. If False, use pyregion.

fill_value : int/float

Value in out_data not covered by in_data.

out_data : ndarray

Blotted data.