grizli.prep.process_direct_grism_visit(direct={}, grism={}, radec=None, outlier_threshold=5, align_clip=30, align_thresh=None, align_mag_limits=[14, 23, 0.05], align_rms_limit=2, align_triangle_ba_max=0.9, align_ref_border=100, align_min_flux_radius=1.0, align_min_nexp=2, align_assume_close=False, align_transform=None, align_guess=None, align_final_niter=8, max_err_percentile=99, catalog_mask_pad=0.05, match_catalog_density=None, column_average=True, sky_iter=10, run_tweak_align=True, tweak_fit_order=-1, skip_direct=False, fix_stars=False, tweak_max_dist=100.0, tweak_n_min=10, tweak_threshold=1.5, tweak_ref_exp=0, tweak_mosaic_iters=0, align_simple=True, single_image_CRs=True, skymethod='localmin', drizzle_params={}, iter_atol=0.0001, static_mask=False, imaging_bkg_params=None, run_separate_chip_sky=True, separate_chip_kwargs={}, reference_catalogs=['GAIA', 'PS1', 'SDSS', 'WISE'], use_self_catalog=False, nircam_wisp_kwargs={}, skip_nircam_grism_sky=True, oneoverf_kwargs={}, snowball_kwargs={}, angle_background_kwargs={}, miri_skyflat=True, miri_skyfile=None, use_skyflats=True, do_pure_parallel_wcs=True)[source]

Full processing of a direct (+grism) image visit.


For imaging exposures:

  1. Copies of individual exposures with fresh_flt_file

  • Run stwcs.updatewcs.updatewcs on each FLT

  1. “tweak” shift alignment of individual FLTs

  • If ACS or UVIS, do preliminary AstroDrizzle run to flag CRs

  1. Run AstroDrizzle to create first-pass mosaic

  2. Astrometric alignment of the drizzled image reference catalogs with align_drizzled_image

  • Propagate alignment back to FLT exposures

  1. Redrizzle visit mosaic with updated astrometry

  2. optional Subtract mosaic background from exposures with blot_background

  3. Make final visit catalog

  4. optional Fill saturated stars with ePSF models with fix_star_centers

For grism exposures:

If grism exposures are specified, first do the above for the direct images and then,

  1. Assign (refined) WCS of associated direct image to each grism exposure (match_direct_grism_wcs)

  2. Run AstroDrizzle to flag additional CRs, bad pixels

  3. Subtract 2D sky background (visit_grism_sky)

  • optional additional column-average grism background

  1. Redrizzle grism mosaic