grizli.prep.manual_alignment(visit, ds9, reference=None, reference_catalogs=['SDSS', 'PS1', 'GAIA', 'WISE'], use_drz=False)[source]

Manual alignment of a visit with respect to an external region file


List of visit information from parse_flt_files.


DS9 instance for interaction. Requires pyds9 and the extended methods in DS9.


Filename of a DS9 region file that will be used as reference. If None, then tries to find a local file based on the visit['product'].


If no valid reference file provided or found, query external catalogs with get_radec_catalog. The external catalogs will be queried in the order specified in this list.

Generates a file like {{0}}.align_guess'.format(visit['product']) that
the alignment scripts know how to read.


The alignment here is done interactively in the DS9 window. The script
prompts you to first center the frame on a source in the image itself,
which can be done in “panning” mode. After centering, hit <enter> in the
command line. The script will then prompt to center the frame on the
corresponding region from the reference file. After recentering, type
enter again and the output file will be computed and stored.
If you wish to break out of the script and not generate the output file,
type any character in the terminal at the first pause/prompt.