grizli.prep.drizzle_overlaps(exposure_groups, parse_visits=False, check_overlaps=True, max_files=999, pixfrac=0.8, scale=0.06, skysub=True, skymethod='localmin', skyuser='MDRIZSKY', bits=None, build=False, final_wcs=True, final_rot=0, final_outnx=None, final_outny=None, final_ra=None, final_dec=None, final_wht_type='EXP', final_wt_scl='exptime', final_kernel='square', context=False, static=True, use_group_footprint=False, fetch_flats=True, fix_wcs_system=False, include_saturated=False, run_driz_cr=False, driz_cr_snr=None, driz_cr_scale=None, resetbits=0, driz_cr_snr_grow=1, driz_cr_scale_grow=1, log=False, **kwargs)[source]

Combine overlapping visits into single output mosaics


Output list of visit information from parse_flt_files.


If set, parse the exposure_groups list for overlaps with parse_visit_overlaps, otherwise assume that it has already been parsed.

check_overlaps: bool

Only pass exposures that overlap with the desired output mosaic to AstroDrizzle.


Split output products if the number of exposures in a group is greater than max_files. Default value of 999 appropriate for AstroDrizzle, which crashes because it tries to create a header keyword with only three digits (i.e., 0-999).


AstroDrizzle “pixfrac” value.


AstroDrizzle “scale” value, output pixel scale in arcsec.


Run AstroDrizzle sky subtraction.

bitsNone or int

Data quality bits to treat as OK. If None, then default to 64+32 for ACS and 512+64 for WFC3/IR.

final_*Parameters passed through to AstroDrizzle to define output WCS

Note that these are overridden if an exposure group has a ‘reference’ keyword pointing to a reference image / WCS.

Produces drizzled images.