grizli.pipeline.auto_script.make_reference_wcs(info, files=None, output='mosaic_wcs-ref.fits', filters=['G800L', 'G102', 'G141', 'GR150C', 'GR150R'], force_wcs=None, pad_reference=90, pixel_scale=None, get_hdu=True)[source]

Make a reference image WCS based on the grism exposures


Exposure information table with columns ‘FILE’ and ‘FILTER’.

outputstr, None

Filename for output wcs reference image.

filterslist or None

List of filters to consider for the output mosaic. If None, then use all exposures in the info list.

force_wcsWCS or None

Explicit WCS to use, rather than deriving from a list of files


Image padding, in arcsec.

pixel_scaleNone or float

Pixel scale in in arcsec. If None, then the script computes automatically


If True, then generate an ImageHDU object and save to a file if output is defined. If False, return just the computed WCS.

ImageHDU or WCS, see get_hdu.