grizli.grismconf.get_config_filename(instrume='WFC3', filter='F140W', grism='G141', module=None, chip=1)[source]

Generate a config filename based on the instrument, filter & grism combination.

Config files assumed to be found the directory specified by the $GRIZLI environment variable, i.e., ${GRIZLI}/CONF.

instrume{‘ACS’, ‘WFC3’, ‘NIRISS’, ‘NIRCam’, ‘WFIRST’}

Instrument used


Direct image filter. This is only used for WFC3/IR, where the grism configuration files have been determined for each direct+grism combination separately based on the filter wedge offsets of the filters.


Grism name. Valid combinations are the following:

ACS : G800L (assumed) WFC3 : G102, G141 NIRISS : GR150R, GR150C NIRCam : F322W2, F356W, F430M, F444W, F460M WFIRST : (basic assumptions about the WFI grism)


For ACS/WFC and UVIS, specifies the chip to use. Note that this is switched with respect to the header EXTNAME extensions:

EXTVER = 1 is extension 1 / (SCI,1) of the flt/flc files but corresponds to CCDCHIP = 2 and the ACS.WFC3.CHIP2 config files.


EXTVER = 2 is extension 4 / (SCI,2) of the flt/flc files but corresponds to CCDCHIP = 1 and the ACS.WFC3.CHIP1 config files.


String path of the configuration file.