grizli.fitting.run_all_parallel(id, get_output_data=False, args_file='fit_args.npy', protect=True, **kwargs)[source]

Wrapper function for grizli.fitting.run_all that preloads all keyword options from a stored file.


Object id


Return the data produced by run_all rather than just a simple status indicator


Name of the numpy file contaning the fit keywords. These include root and group_name used for finding the “beams.fits” files for the given id (see run_all).

Any additional keywords passed to this function will override the defaults from args_file.


Run the fitter in a try/except clause so that it doesn’t kill the runtime execution for e.g. a list of id. However, with this set it’s much harder to figure out where a given fit failed, so turn it off to get the full exception traceback

id, status, t1-t0int, bool, float

The input id, status flag and execution time if get_output_data=False.

If get_output_data==True, then return everything output by
run_all (beams files, tables, etc.)