grizli.catalog.query_tap_catalog(ra=165.86, dec=34.829694, radius=3.0, corners=None, max_wait=20, db='ls_dr9.tractor', columns=['*'], extra='', rd_colnames=['ra', 'dec'], tap_url='https://datalab.noirlab.edu/tap', max=1000000, clean_xml=True, verbose=True, des=False, gaia=False, nsc=False, vizier=False, skymapper=False, hubble_source_catalog=False, tap_kwargs={}, **kwargs)[source]

Query NOAO Catalog holdings

ra, dec : float

Center of the query region, decimal degrees

radius : float

Radius of the query, in arcmin

corners : 4-tuple, WCS or None

ra_min, ra_max, dec_min, dec_max of a query box to use instead of radius. Or if a WCS object, get limits from the calc_footprint method

db : str

Parent database (https://datalab.noirlab.edu/query.php).

columns : list of str

List of columns to output. Default [‘*’] returns all columns.

extra : str

String to add to the end of the positional box query, e.g., ‘AND mag_auto_i > 16 AND mag_auto_i < 16.5’.

rd_colnames : str, str

Column names in db corresponding to ra/dec (degrees).

tap_url : str

TAP hostname

des : bool

Query des_dr1.main from NOAO.

gaia : bool

Query gaiadr2.gaia_source from http://gea.esac.esa.int.

nsc : bool

Query the NOAO Source Catalog (Nidever et al. 2018), nsc_dr1.object.

vizier : bool

Use the VizieR TAP server at http://tapvizier.u-strasbg.fr/TAPVizieR/tap, see http://tapvizier.u-strasbg.fr/adql/about.html.

hubble_source_catalog : bool

Query the Hubble Source Catalog (v3). If no ‘NumImages’ criteria is found in extra, then add an additional requirement:

>>> extra += 'AND NumImages > 1'
table : Table

Result of the query